Marcintos was born into a Scottish family. He was very studious and ambitious when he was a child. He hopes to be a scientist when he grows up and invent many things he has never seen before. However, as a result of the family poverty, he studied abroad in his youth, home near the small factory to do child labor.

Although He left the school he loved, He did not stop learning. In his spare time, he often holds a book and studies tirelessly under a kerosene lamp.

In 1823, Marcintos went into a factory that made erasers. This was the greatest use of rubber at the time. Not long after he entered the factory, He learned the art of eraser making from the old master. He put the raw rubber in a large pot and then burned it under the big pot. Until the raw rubber melts, add some bleach and stir; Finally, the rubber solution was poured into the model. In this way, after cooling, they form pieces of eraser.

One day, because she had been reading too late the night before, and because she was thin, Marcintos felt sluggish at work. For the sake of the whole family, he had to bite the tongue and drag his tired body to work.

But as he picked up a pot of molten rubber and poured it into the model, the soles of his feet slipped, he leaned forward and dropped to his knees. Fortunately, he stabilized his body, the basin did not upset the rubber liquid, only some of the rubber liquid spilled onto the front of his clothes.

Marcintos stood up strong and went on with his work.

At last the bell rang for the end of the day. Massintos wiped his sweat on his sleeve and walked feeblely home.

Just as Marcintos was approaching his house, lightning flashed, thunder rolled, and rain poured down. Marcintos quickened his pace, but was still drenched in the rain.

When he got home, Maacintus quickly took off his coat. Then he found that the rest of the place had been drenched. The rain was seeping in, but his rubberized front was not.

“That’s odd. Is a suit soaked in rubber waterproof?” “Marcintos muttered to himself.

The next day, During her break from work, Marcintos applied rubber fluid to her body. When I got home, I took off my clothes and put them on the ground. Then I picked up a basin of water and poured it on the clothes. Sure enough, the place with the rubber liquid was still dry as before.

Marcintos was overjoyed. Before long, he made a garment covered in rubber fluid. The clothes were good against rain, but over time, the rubber rubbed off easily.

How to overcome this disadvantage? Marcintos thought hard.

Eventually, Maacintos came up with a brilliant idea: he covered a layer of cloth with rubber liquid and then covered it with cloth. That way, the rubber won’t rub off, and it’s prettier.

Maacintos made an overcoat out of the double fabric with the rubber in it. Thus came the world’s first raincoat.

On a rain-lashed day, Marcintos strolled comfortably in his raincoat. The rain trickled down the raincoat, dripping onto the ground. It was the most beautiful music in the world to The ears of Marcintos!

Marcintos wanted the whole world to hear the beautiful music. He saw great promise in the production of raincoats. So, raising funds, the world’s first raincoat factory.

When the raincoat was put on the market, it was well received. People also call raincoats “Marcintos”. Up to now. The term is still in use.

Of course, raincoats, like other rubber products at that time, had the defects of sticky hands in hot weather and hard hands in cold. It was not until gutey invented vulcanized rubber in 1839 that he overcame this problem and made the raincoat more durable and comfortable to wear.


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